Tips for Perfect Pie Crusts

Do you ever have problems with your pie crusts & they don't turn out perfectly?  Below are some tips from Better Homes & Gardens:

* Use a standard glass or dull metal pie plate to ensure a nicely browned bottom crust.  Pastry doesn't brown as well in disposable foil pans.  Except for deep dish sizes, foil pans are smaller.
* DO NOT substitute margarine for butter or shortening; margarine pastry is likely to be tough and less flaky.
* Use as little flour as possible on the rolling surface.  Too much flour makes pastry tough.
* Avoid stretching pastry when transferring it to the pie plate.  Loosely wrap rolled-out dough around a rolling pin and center it in the pie.
* Patch torn pastry with a small piece of pastry before you bake it.
* Be sure the oven temperature is correct.  A temperature that's too low can cause a soggy crust.
* Cool a baked piecrust on a wire rack so air can circulate under it.


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