About Me

Hey Yall!  Yep, I'm a Southern Gal & my name is @pril.  I love Pie!  Don't Yall?!

Well, let's see..............my cooking journey started when my twin sister & I were just 5 years old.  My Great Aunt Rosie used to let us get up on a step stool in front of the stove to watch her cook and then do hands on cooking ourselves.  We started with the normal breakfast foods such as homemade gravy, all kinds of eggs, different kinds of meats, scratch made biscuits, toast, fried potatoes, etc.

As we got older we ventured into other areas of cooking.  Today, I think our most favorite area of food creating is desserts whether it's baked or just whipped up.  We make other stuff too including regular meals.

We both are very crafty as well.  She is more into paper crafts.  I am more into fabric, sewing & quilting.  My twin & I have been crafty as far back as I can remember. My Aunt Maria is a crafty person and I remember from a young age getting interested in different things because of her. Today, I make/do all sorts of crafts in addition to my sewing, but prefer sewing.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog.  Don't forget to share your recipe(s) with us by being a Guest Blogger/Poster.

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