Social Networking share buttons now on blog posts + Life Update

I have a few blogs and wanted to keep up with technology & trends by adding the most popular Social Networking share buttons to all of my blog posts.  This way you can share the posts via Twitter, Google +, Facebook, sending to someone in an email or by pinning on Pinterest (mainly for pictures).

So above each blog post you will see the below:

As for why I haven't posted since March?!  Shame on Me!  Whack my hands with a ruler!  I was in Dubai from March 9th-12, then in Saudi from then until June 6th, then in Bahrain from June 6th-8th.  My twin sister has 3 small children (ages at the time were 3 almost 4, 2 & a half, slightly over 1 year).  So having said that, I was super busy and hardly had time to check email.  After I got back to the states from Saudi at the beginning of June I moved, then I moved again temporarily until my final place is ready.  Then the Islamic Month of Ramadan happened, then I got the flu and now have Bronchitis!  PHEWEEE!  Being that I have been in temporary housing, internet has been hit & miss.  What I would like to do is get back on track with posting a few recipes a week.  When I move to my final place, I would like to do some YouTube videos possibly of me making pies.  So that's what is going on in my neck of the woods!

So until I get back on track, KEEP UP THE PIE LOVE!

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